Small and medium pet food companies like PetSmart and Petco are struggling to find a market for their products as consumers become increasingly aware of the high price tags and health concerns associated with these products.

The issue is even more pressing with more and more pet owners turning to online retailers like and other online retailers to source pet food.

Pet food manufacturers have been working on addressing these concerns in recent years, but the lack of market share and increasing competition from online retailers means these companies are losing market share to online stores.

The online pet food market is estimated to be worth over $3 billion, but small and moderate pet food manufacturers are struggling with competition from pet food retailers and consumers.

In a recent interview with Small and Medium Pet Food, Mike Smith, chief executive of PetSmart, said the company has experienced a 10 percent drop in sales during the last year.

In the past, PetSmart has been able to compete with the big online retailers because they provide a better product experience and the online marketplace allows for greater volume.

Smith told the outlet that PetSmart currently offers two main products, the PetSmart Pet Food and PetSmart Nutrition, both of which have a premium packaging and delivery service.

PetSmart offers the Petfood brand, which includes all its pet food products, as well as Petfood Plus, a premium brand that includes more expensive products.

Smith added that PetFood Plus has grown rapidly in the last three years and is now available for purchase through more than 100 retailers including PetSmart.

Smith said PetFoodPlus has been growing as a result of a mix of factors, including an increase in pet owners using the product for pet health and wellness, as consumers became more aware of pet health issues.

PetFoodPlus is now more than 60 percent larger than PetSmart in terms of sales.

PetFood, which has been selling its Petfood products since the late 1990s, is expected to grow to more than 400 million units by 2019.

Smith pointed out that PetfoodPlus is only available through a few retailers, including Petco and PetGro.

PetGro also offers Petfood plus and Petfoods, but Smith said that PetGro has not yet made the transition to Petfood.

While PetFood products are available through Petco, PetGro is currently unavailable for sale in PetSmart stores.

PetGro also currently offers PetFoods, which are available to purchase at PetSmart but do not have a delivery service that can deliver PetFood to the consumer.

Petfood, which is currently available in only a handful of retail stores, is a cheaper alternative to PetFood and is often purchased at pet supply stores or online pet stores.

Smith stated that PetHealthPlus, PetFood Health Plus, Petfood Nutrition Plus and PetFood Nutrition Plus are the PetFood product lines PetSmart is offering through PetGro and PetCo.

PetHealth Plus is currently a premium product with a lower price tag than PetFood.

PetHealth Plus will be available to PetSmart customers in September 2018.

Smith noted that PetNutrition is currently not available in PetGro stores.

PetNutritional is a PetHealth product that is available at PetGro but is not available for sale.

PetNutrition, PetNutrient and PetNut Nutrition Plus will also be available in the PetGro grocery store starting in September, but they will not be available through the Pet Gro store.

Smith indicated that PetFitness Plus is a new PetHealth offering that PetGrowth is working on launching in the near future.

PetFITNESS Plus, which will be a premium PetHealth Product, will be launched in the fall of 2019.

PetFITNESS is a premium pet food that PetLife will launch in the summer of 2019 and will be sold in PetGroups and PetHealth groups.

PetFit will also launch in PetHealth and PetGram groups in the Fall of 2019, and PetFIT will be the PetGrams premium PetFood Product, according to Smith.

PetLife is currently working on PetFit and PetFit Nutrition and PetEnergy is currently being launched.

PetGram is currently selling PetFood plus and is planning to launch PetGAM products in 2018.