The PetSmart pet food chain has announced a new, subscription-based plan, called A1 Pet Food, which is a way to get a little bit more value out of your pet’s meals, if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks.

In fact, you can pay $50 per month for access to more than 2,400 PetSmart-branded products including some of the company’s more popular brands like PetCare and PetCare Plus, as well as other products from other pet food companies.

The company has been making a name for itself with a variety of pet food products, including its A1 brand of pet foods.

In a statement, PetSmart says that its plan is designed to offer you “a unique and personalized experience” by offering a “customized package of products.”

That way, you’ll be able to select the kind of pet you want your pet to eat, what food to get, how often and what kind of feed to use.

It also includes “additional options for convenience, such as the ability to order your own food at a later date, or to order a package for your pet for the entire week.”

PetSmart also plans to continue offering discounts and offers on PetCare products and services, which are also subject to change.

The PetGator brand has been in a contract with PetSmart for the past few years, so the company can now sell PetGators to new customers, but you can still get some PetGatgers.

PetGattin also has some of its own pet food offerings.

According to, the company is working on launching a new PetGAT brand for its PetGit products, but PetGATE has not announced a launch date yet.

PetCarePlus is another pet food company that offers a few pet food options, including some that are not PetSmart.

It has a list of PetSmart brands and is also working on a PetGee subscription-only plan, which you can check out here.

PetSmart also announced plans to expand its pet food business into online stores, which will allow it to offer “premium” brands and products like PetGast, PetCareGuru, and PetGorger.

PetSmart is also partnering with online retailer Food Basics, which it previously announced it was partnering with for PetSmart’s PetGourmet brand.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about PetSmart and PetSmart Plus.

PetFood is currently available at PetSmart stores in California, New York, Ohio, Washington, and New Jersey, as the company said in a statement.

The price is currently $0.99/lb, which puts it on par with the average price of other pet foods for the same product in the United States.

It’s not clear how much higher PetGroups prices will go up, or if this is a sign that PetSmart may have some new pet food plans in the works.

PetGator’s PetFoodPlus is the best way to buy PetSmart products.

You’ll get PetCareplus for a discounted price.

The $50/month PetGatcher is also a pet food option, but the PetGater has lower prices and better features.

PetGro is a subscription-style plan that is available to PetSmart customers.

It offers a PetCare premium pet food package with a PetSmart Premium feeder.

PetGro is currently only available to those who sign up for PetGro in-store and online.