According to research firm PetSmart, there are currently 17 pet food companies in Australia and they are among the top five pet food suppliers in the country.

According to PetSmart research, the top ten pet food retailers in Australia are:DARWIN’S Pet Food ,Daughters Pet Food,Shintos Pet Food (owned by PetSmart),Petco ,Kix,Daniels Pet Foods,Petco Australia (owned and operated by Petco),Petfido,Petfoods Australia and PetSmart Petfoods.

The top five companies in the United States are:Walmart,CVS,,Best Buy,Home Depot,HomeAway.

The research was conducted by Petcare Consulting, which has been providing industry insight for nearly a decade.

Petcare is also the company behind PetSmart’s Pet Food Index.

The top ten retailers in the U.S. are:Best Buy ,CVS ,Walmart ,Target,HomeDepot,MGM,HBO,WalMart,Cabelas,Walgreen’s,Bargain Bin,Dyson  and

In Australia, the companies ranked in the top 15 in terms of sales are:Marlborough Pet Food Australia,Petfactory Foods,Kix Pet Food and Petco Australia.

The bottom 10 are:Shintosh Pet Food Co., Ltd.,Petco (owned),Petfood Supplies Australia (also owned),Petstar,PetFido (owned) and Petfido Australia (unowned).