Lucky pet food websites have been flooded with the message that the price of their products is dropping and they have been receiving calls from customers saying they have never seen such a huge drop in their prices.

It’s a trend they believe is happening because pet food prices are going down, and people are asking if they can buy cheaper pet food online.

“You can find pet food sites where people are buying cheaper pet foods online, and that’s not a coincidence,” said Lucky Pet Food website owner Steve Smith.

“We’ve seen this trend before.”

Smith is an owner of Lucky Pet Foods in North Carolina, and he’s seen the trend firsthand.

The site has seen its website and merchandise prices drop by about 20 percent in the last few months, and Smith said the trend is happening on other pet food and rabbit food websites.

“We’re seeing people looking for pet food,” Smith said.

“They’re buying a cheaper version, and it’s not the same, and they’re not as hungry.”

Smith said it’s an incredible experience to work with customers who are willing to give up a bit more money to buy a pet food product, but he said pet food companies need to take a look at what’s going on.

“If they are going to lower the prices, then they need to look at their own customers,” Smith told CBS News.

“They need to do their own research,” he said.

“I’ve had customers come into my store and say, ‘I know this is happening, I’m a little sad to see prices going down,’ and I said, ‘Look, we’re here to help you.

Smith said he’s seeing people buying cheaper rabbit and cat food online because the price is going down. “

“But there are going two things you can do, and I can’t go into the specifics of what that is,” he added.

Smith said he’s seeing people buying cheaper rabbit and cat food online because the price is going down.

The company sells a wide range of pet food products for pets, including pet food made from raw materials like raw milk, organic corn and corn meal, and grassfed and grass-finished pet food.

Lucky Pet Foods also sells dog and cat foods and pet food supplements.

Smith said Lucky has seen customers purchase pet food from pet food retailers who have gone out of business or have gone into receivership, so he’s selling directly to consumers who need pet food at a lower price.

Smith has been selling Lucky pet foods at local pet stores for about a year.”

I don’t think that it’s because of any particular change in the marketplace,” Smith continued. “

People are going into the store and they are buying a product that’s much cheaper, and then they’re coming back and they tell us they’re going to buy it again.”

“I don’t think that it’s because of any particular change in the marketplace,” Smith continued.

“I think it’s a combination of a lot of things, and unfortunately I think that the market is starting to shift a little bit, and if you look at a lot more pet food brands, like I mentioned, we see a lot fewer pet food businesses going into receiverships and they don’t have as many customers to fill those voids.”

Lucky pet food sales are up 10 percent so far this year, and the company expects the number of pet products they sell to rise again this year.

Smith also believes the pet food industry needs to keep an eye on what is going on with its pricing.

“What we are seeing right now is we’re seeing a lot less price increases,” he explained.

“There are some changes in the market, but there’s a lot going on in the pet industry.

It can’t be all bad.”

The Food & Beverage Research Institute, a nonprofit group that analyzes pet food trends, recently released a report which concluded pet food price declines are due to a variety of factors.

Some of those factors include:Pet food prices have increased over the past decade, as consumers have switched from a meat-based diet to a more vegetable-based one, according to the report.

Many of the products that have seen price increases in the past five years have been made from non-animal ingredients, such as grains and legumes.

That means fewer ingredients are added to make pet food more affordable.

The Food Industry Association, which represents pet food manufacturers, is also concerned about the price drop.

“There is a clear increase in demand for pet foods as consumers become more interested in eating their pets,” said David R. Green, the group’s president.

“These products should not be being charged a higher price than other pet foods and pets.”

In response to a CBS News question about the Pet Food Safety Act, Green said pet safety laws have been strengthened and pet foods are safer than ever.

“In order to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety, pet food must be produced