Pet food stores are getting ready to close their doors, a move the U,S.

Food and Drug Administration said Monday.

The agency said it plans to use its authority to close stores nationwide in order to “prevent or mitigate the emergence of a domino effect” on the pet supply chain.

The move comes as the food industry grapples with an escalating wave of shortages.

In a letter last week, the U.,S.

Department of Agriculture warned pet food producers of possible closure.

The pet food business, for instance, is expected to experience a drop in sales as people flock to other retailers and as more stores stock up on supplies.

Pet food industry representatives say they are not ready to announce a final date for the stores to close.

“It’s been too long since we’ve seen this many pet food stores,” said Matt Miller, president of the Pet Food Distributors Association, an industry trade group.

“The pet food market is growing, and the pet owners are loving the variety.”

The pet supply market is expected in 2020 to grow to $16.7 billion, according to the industry trade organization.

Pets can be purchased at pet food retailers in the U and around the world, as well as online.

There are a number of pet food chains in the United States that are also on the verge of closing their doors.

The Food Lion chain, which opened in 2012 in Baltimore, Md., is closing its doors after nearly a decade of operations.

The American Pet Products Association, a trade group for pet food makers, said it has also started negotiations with several pet food companies to try to resolve the problems.

A spokesperson for the Pet Nutrition Association said in a statement that it was “not ready to make a decision about its future.”

But Pet Nutrition has a long history of success.

Pet Nutrition is owned by the company that owns the McDonald’s fast-food chain, and its products have been featured in television shows, movies and commercials.

The company also makes pet food for the popular PetSmart chain of pet stores and in stores around the country.

While the PetNet chain has struggled in recent years, PetNet Pet Food in Florida was one of the first U.s. pet food businesses to get into the pet grocery business, with the opening of its first store in Miami.

In 2017, the website went live.

Pet FoodNet stores are still available for pets of any age.

The website is free to use, but PetFoodNet also offers pet food coupons, pet food recommendations and tips on how to make the best pet food choices.

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