PETER PAN FOOD is no more.

The Canadian Food Inspectorate confirmed to CBC News that Peter Balme Foods is no where near being sold in the country.

The agency said in a statement that it was “extremely disappointed” to hear about the end of Peter Pan, a family pet food brand that has been a staple of Canadian families for more than a century.

“We were working with our partner, the Canadian Food Institute, to determine how to ensure the continued supply of Peter Balmes food for the pets that rely on the products for their daily needs,” the statement read.

“Unfortunately, the process that was in place was not working.

This is a loss for Peter Pan’s Canadian and international customers.”

The company has since been sold to a new company that will not be required to follow the Canadian food inspection regime.CBC News contacted the company for comment but did not hear back.

In a statement, the CFA said it was disappointed by the news, but the company will continue to sell its pet food in Canada.

“The Canadian government has not mandated that Pet Pan Food and Peter Balmets products be imported, and in fact, Pet Pan and Peter’s pet food products are currently imported and sold by independent businesses in Canada,” the company said.

“However, we will continue working with CFA to ensure that Pet Balmes pet food and Peter Pan foods are safe to import and sell to Canadians.”