Pet food is a huge issue in this country, but what about your little one?

We spoke to pet food experts to find out what is the best food for your little guy.

Read more: The BBC’s food and feed expert, Nick Furlong, said: “I think pet food companies need to recognise the fact that they are going to have to compete against one another in terms of their quality and the way that they deliver that to your little girl.”

We’re all familiar with the idea of pet food being made from animal fat, but Furlink said he believes it is a misconception that is causing the problem.

“People think pet foods are made from fish or chicken, but the real issue is animal fats are not good for the animals.

They are bad for the environment,” he said.”

You can’t feed a dog or cat a lot of fat, because the animals are not going to absorb it.”

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Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

You should never buy pet food from a company that makes pet food.

You should always get a pet food that is made in your local area.

You need to be aware that pet food is often made from animals’ faeces.

“Pet food can have a lot in it that is actually not food,” Furlock said.

“You may be able to detect some things in the pet food as they are actually food that comes from animals.”

If you think of a dog that is in the fridge, that might not be food that you would want to feed.

“He said it was important to be vigilant about any product that was not made in a sustainable way.”

It is very important that people have the knowledge that this is not what is actually going into your pet food and what it is really made from.

“If you have any questions about your baby’s diet, it’s worth contacting your local vet.