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Chinchilla dog food says it’s ‘safe’ to feed to dogs

Pet food companies say they are “confident” that Chinchillas are safe to feed and feed to pets, despite concerns about the food being laced with pesticides and other contaminants.The Chinchillas are the first dog food to be named in the Guinness Book of World Records, after the Chinchahans were discovered in New Zealand’s Marlborough mountains, […]

How to get your pet to eat a mound of petco pets

Petco is launching a new product that’s been around since the 1980s: the petco mounds.The product is called Petco Pet Food.It’s a pet food with a mound, the exact same shape as the pet food it’s supposed to replace, Petco says.And while it’s marketed as a replacement for petco dog food, the product has a […]

How to Find Pet Food with Chewy Pet Chocolate

Chewy pet food is a delicious treat and a great source of protein.There are several brands, such as Chewy Chocolate Pet Food, Chewy Snack, and Chewy Chunky Pet Food that offer delicious pet food with chocolate chip treats.You can also find chocolate chip flavored pet food.Chewy chocolate chips are typically flavored with cocoa powder and […]