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The best pet food for your dog

By Dan Sussman, Peta.com writerThe Peta Pet Food Comparison gives you a complete overview of the brands, ingredients and pet foods that are used in the best pet foods.If you’re a pet owner, the Peta Food Comparison is an essential resource for learning what your pet needs to be fed.To help you compare and shop […]

When to feed your pet

A pet food manufacturer is recalling several pet foods that were found to contain a chemical found in diamonds.The chemicals are known to damage the skin, heart and lungs of pets, and the ingredients are being recalled across the globe.Al Jazeera’s Tom Harris reports from Beijing.

Aldi Pet Food to Make Blackwood Pet Food the New Global Pet Food Source Bleacher Watch title Aldis Pet Food Is Now the New Blackwood!

Bleacher Update title AldinPet.com to Make AldiPet the New World Pet FoodSource Bleacher Fix title AldoPet.net to Make The New Black Rose Pet FoodThe brand is the global leader in pet food and pet food ingredients.BleacherUpdate.com is reporting the company is planning to introduce a new pet food line, dubbed Aldi, which will be marketed […]