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How to Find Pet Food with Chewy Pet Chocolate

Chewy pet food is a delicious treat and a great source of protein.There are several brands, such as Chewy Chocolate Pet Food, Chewy Snack, and Chewy Chunky Pet Food that offer delicious pet food with chocolate chip treats.You can also find chocolate chip flavored pet food.Chewy chocolate chips are typically flavored with cocoa powder and […]

How to feed a baby dog

Posted October 01, 2018 10:22AM Posted October 02, 2018 06:30AM What you need to know about feeding a baby puppy, and what you can expect from them in the future.1.Breeders can have their pet foods tested for bovine spongiform encephalopathy2.You can feed a puppy or kitten formula in a bottle or bowl, and if they’re […]

Why I won’t feed my dog a new chew toy

It’s a question you’ll hear often, whether it’s from the veterinarian, your vet, your pet parent, or someone you know.“I don’t want to feed my puppy a new toy,” your vet will tell you.“He won’t be able to chew it.He won’t even have a toy.It’s not healthy.”And even if it was, wouldn’t the toy be […]