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Which holistic pet foods are the best?

Health and wellness are among the top priorities for consumers as consumers demand healthier and more nutritious foods and beverages.The leading holistic petfood brands offer nutritious foods that can be used by pets with a wide range of health and wellness needs.The following holistic pet diets are designed for people with health and health related […]

What’s in the Pet Food Guide?

source Bleachers Report title The Pet Food Guides article source New York Times title ‘Famous’ is the word for ‘popular’: Here are the most-cited Pet Food articles article Pet food labels are a crucial part of the food supply chain, providing nutritional information, health warnings, and even health recommendations.Pet food brands have to meet certain […]

How to buy pet food from the internet

Pet food manufacturers, pet food manufacturers and pet food retailers are facing a wave of new competition from online pet food companies.Here’s what you need to know about online pet foods and how to find the best ones.1.Where do online pet supplies come from?Online pet supplies tend to be cheaper than the retail pet food […]

Which are the top 10 pet food brands in Australia?

According to research firm PetSmart, there are currently 17 pet food companies in Australia and they are among the top five pet food suppliers in the country.According to PetSmart research, the top ten pet food retailers in Australia are:DARWIN’S Pet Food ,Daughters Pet Food,Shintos Pet Food (owned by PetSmart),Petco ,Kix,Daniels Pet Foods,Petco Australia (owned and […]

How to use this food guide

This is the full guide to our pet food recommendations for the week of March 18, 2018.The full guide includes the full ingredients list, and you can even view a list of all the allergens that you can find in our pet foods.Here’s what to look for: