Pet food retailers are planning to open their first UK store in the UK in April, as a new UK franchise plan comes into effect.

Pet Food Depot, a British supermarket chain, will open the UK branch of its pet food service in London’s Kensington Market.

The move is aimed at making Pet Food’s UK stores more convenient to customers and better serving their local market, according to Pet Food Network’s Managing Director, Joanne Baskin.

In a statement, Pet Food said the move was part of a broader strategic plan to “enable our customers to be able to choose what they buy from us as a brand and as an online retailer.”

“We will also be introducing a new website that will allow us to deliver the most affordable pet food to our customers,” she added.

PetFood will be opening the Kensington market in April as part of the Pet Food and Feeds Franchise Scheme, which was launched in December.

Pet food retailers and pet food feeders have struggled in the U.K. with rising prices and poor customer service.

In November, PetFood said it had raised more than £1 million in new funding, which it used to invest in its UK operations.

Petfood said the franchise plan would see the company invest “up to £1 billion” in the opening of new stores.

PetHealth has launched two U.S. locations in the last two years and is also planning to expand its franchise plans in the United States.

Pet Health’s UK branch, in London, opened in January.