Lucky Pet Foods CEO Mark Pincus said it’s time to stop buying animal-based pet food products in the United States, according to Axios.

“We should stop making pet food that is made in China and feed that is fed to cats and dogs,” Pincson told Axios in a story published Tuesday.

“It’s time for us to stop feeding cats and people in the U.S.”

Pincus also said the company is planning to change its business model, but it won’t be ready to change in 2019.

Pincson, who joined the company in March of this year, has a long history of making questionable comments on issues of animal welfare and health.

He’s been the CEO of Lucky Pet since the company was founded in 2007, according of the New York Times.

Pincons comments on the use of antibiotics in food were recently covered by The Daily Beast.

Pegasus, the largest pet food maker in the world, has been under investigation for animal welfare violations.

In May, the Food and Drug Administration announced that the company had suspended its testing of animal feed ingredients because it had not tested for antibiotics.

The suspension was effective immediately, but pet food makers in the industry have been waiting for that date.