A new pet-food company will open its first plant in western Ohio, and its owner says it plans to bring jobs to the area.

Rocker Pet Foods will open in a former Krooker convenience store on the south side of Cleveland, the company said Wednesday.

Krookerts will employ about 100 workers, including a full-time human resources representative and a manager.

The Krookerton plant will be part of the Krookercare franchise and Krooketecs expanded pet food business.

The company plans to open about 20 more pet food plants in the U.S., according to its website.

The new plant in Cleveland will likely be Krookerd’s only one in the state, which is home to more than 70 pet food companies.

That number has grown as more people have tried to feed their pets with Krookervisions pet food and other pet food brands.

The expansion of pet food in the region has also created jobs for people who work at Krookergardens new plant, Krookermann said.

A Krookeregardens spokeswoman said the company has not announced its plans to expand its presence in the area yet.