PetSmart’s founder and CEO, Jason Samet, wants to take pet food off the shelf and into the homes of people, one day.

Samet is leading the company’s new pet food app, PetFood, which has already caught the attention of celebrity chef Brad Falchuk, who recently visited the company and posted on Twitter: I’ve never been to a restaurant where you get to see a bunch of cats eating their meals.

PetFood is the brainchild of Samet and former PetSmart employees, who have been working on it for more than a year.

It’s a pet food startup, and it’s a big one, with a $200 million valuation.

That’s why Samet recently took to Twitter to announce that he was leaving PetSmart, where he worked as a VP of marketing for nearly a decade.

“We’ve built an incredible product that has been downloaded more than 100 million times and we have a team of thousands of passionate employees, and this is our opportunity to transform our business and create a sustainable future,” Samet wrote in a post announcing his departure.

“As a result, I am announcing my departure from PetSmart as CEO of PetFood,” he continued.

“I want to thank the team for the incredible journey and for being the best PetSmart has ever been.

I want to extend my best wishes to them and our entire team, and to my wife, Anna, and my son, Tyler, and their families.”

The PetFood app was initially announced back in May, when it was announced that it would be available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Since then, the app has been available on a handful of platforms, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

Its first release, on July 13, saw it reach more than half a million downloads.

The PetSmart app, like its parent company, PetSmart Holdings, is owned by a group of investors.

Its shares, which are now trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, have risen by more than 70 percent over the past year, and are now valued at more than $10 billion.

Samett’s departure is significant because the company is now the largest private dog food company in the U.S., and its product is already widely used in the country.

It also has a history of launching innovative products like the PetSafe app and its PetSmart pet-friendly packaging.

The company was founded by Samet in 2015, when he left PetSmart.

At the time, PetSafe was in its infancy, and PetSmart was just beginning to develop a mobile app.

In April, Samet was tapped to help launch PetSmart in its first year of operation.

PetSmart’s mobile app, which launched in May of this year, was initially limited to iOS, Android, and Google Play.

Today, Petfood has launched its own Android app and Android app on iOS and Windows 10, as well as on Android phones, Apple TV, and Roku.

It’s not surprising that Samet would want to pivot PetSmart for the mobile world.

While the company does sell pet food in the pet-food section of its stores, Samett has said that PetSmart will eventually sell food directly through its app and website.

That said, Pet Food has a huge head start on the market because of its mobile presence, which includes over 50 stores across the country and around the world.

It has already sold over 1.5 million pet food products, and expects to sell about 1 million in 2017.

Samets’ departure also marks the end of an era for PetSmart and its founder, Jason Samuel, who has been the company CEO since 2016.

It is the latest chapter in Samet’s run as CEO, which began with the company founding in 2015.

The CEO has taken a leadership role at PetSmart since 2013, and was appointed chief operating officer in 2017 and chief financial officer in 2018.

He left PetSafe in 2016 to launch PetSafe 2, a new company that would be run by Samets own son, Josh Samet.

The departure of Samets, who had served as CEO since 2017, came as a surprise to many in the company, including PetSmart shareholders.

PetSmart shares closed up just under 6 percent in after-hours trading on Friday, but Samets’ announcement came as no surprise to PetSmart investors.

It came after PetSmart had struggled to keep up with demand for its pet food, which included a massive expansion of its retail stores in recent years.

Sametti had been planning for PetFood for years, but the company experienced a major setback in 2016 when its parent, PetPro, closed its retail store and the PetSmart team was forced to move its business operations to another location.

The new PetFood is an ambitious and ambitious product, but it’s one that has some major advantages, PetHealth experts said.

First, the company has access to a massive network of retail stores across its global footprint. That means