I’m going to be completely honest here.

I love cats.

And I love their cute faces.

But it turns out I hate their names.

And when I do, I am going to make sure that I am not eating the cat’s name.

I do not want to be that person who eats a cat’s food.

Because I hate cat names.

The most popular cat food website I’ve ever seen, Cats.com, is owned by the people who created Meow Meow, the most popular online cat food marketplace.

I’m a big fan of Meow Meow.

They have an awesome lineup of cats food and treats.

I also really like the Cats.

Com website.

There’s a ton of cat food options.

But I find the name and product descriptions for a lot of them to be awful.

I don’t have a lot to compare it to.

But here are some of my favorite, least-favorite cat food sites: Cat’s Food: The name is “cat food” but it actually has “cats” in it.

And the product description says “delicious, nutrient-rich cat food that comes in an assortment of delicious treats that are also perfect for cats.” 

Doggie’s Cat Food: It’s a good name, but the product doesn’t have any cat food.

The product description reads “delightful, nutrient rich cat food.” 

Catzine: I just want to note that they have a “free” cat food coupon that’s valid for the whole month of March, which is a great sign. 

Petco: It is also a good cat food, but they do not offer free cat food coupons. 

Lucky Cat: The name is cute, but I really hate the name because I do think cats should be called cats.

I think cats are cute, too. 

Cat Nation: It is cute but the website description is a terrible joke, which makes me sad. 

Blue Cat: The cat food is really good, but their product description is pretty horrible. 

Dog World: The product is really pretty, but its description is horrible.

I’ll give it that. 

The only cats food I’ve seen that’s really good is the Dog World cat food I just reviewed. 

Kitten’s Kitchen: This cat food has a good logo and some really good reviews. 

Sisterhood of Meow: I like the name, too, but it’s a little too cute. 

Coco Meow: I think they are adorable, but this name is so cute that I feel bad for them. 

Vibrant Meow: The website description says, “Enjoy a healthy, nutritious meal made with whole foods, vitamins and minerals, plus a range of cat treats and treats that you can make for yourself.” 

Pete’s Food and Petes Meats: The brand name is nice, but you are only getting a single product. 

Pete’s Food World: I would definitely avoid this brand name because the website is really, really awful. 

Watcat: These guys are really cute, I love them, but these are not the kind of cats that I want to feed. 

This list would probably be much shorter if I could just make it into one.

But there are plenty of other cat food choices out there, so I just have to go with what I like. 

So here are my Top 5 Cat Food Sites. 

1. Meow Meow