Pet food companies often give away free food at their pet food giveaways.

But the companies don’t always give the exact food you’ll get.

Here are the guidelines:Pet food companies have to offer the exact same type of food you get at pet food stores, and they have to give away the exact amount of food for free.

If you receive free food, you’ll need to follow the exact instructions in the product’s packaging.

If you receive more than the amount you can eat, you must buy a food dispenser from the pet food company.

The companies also can’t give you a coupon for free food.

The pet food companies usually offer up to two pet food dispensers.

Pet food can be purchased online, at pet supply stores and by mail-in, and can be shipped to a person’s address.

Pet food should not be left unattended in the mailbox.

Pets should only eat from the dispenser that’s marked with their name.

Pet owners are also encouraged to bring a clean container to the store and leave it in the food area to store pets.