The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new food safety standard for food handling and preparation on airplanes.

Merrick Pet Food is the first company to be approved for the new safety standards, which were published in the Journal of Aviation Medicine and Surgery on Thursday.

The new standards are meant to protect the health of passengers on planes and prevent foodborne illnesses on airplanes by preventing food from sticking to the hands, clothing and linens, according to the FDA.

“The use of food in airplane food handling, preparation and transportation is a highly significant issue, and Merrick Pet Foods has been the leader in this area for more than 20 years,” said Dr. David Stempel, chief of food safety at the FDA, in a statement.

The FDA is proposing to approve the new standards in conjunction with the National Aviation Safety Board.

The National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, will issue final regulations in about three months.

The standard will allow airlines to use a food safety measure in the event of food contamination in their planes.

It will also require the airline to have a food-contact area for food, which will help protect passengers and crew.

The FAA says that food handlers will need to maintain a safe distance from the food, and that food can only be handled on a table or a counter or other place that does not block the airways or the crew’s view.

The safety measures, which include a “pouch of food” and a “safety pocket” in the overhead compartment, will be mandatory for food handlers.

The new standard will also provide greater protection for crew members, according the FDA release.

In a separate announcement, Merrick announced a $1.6 million investment in the development of a new tool to track the temperature of food, called a thermo sensor, that will be available to food handlers in 2019.

The tool, called an air temperature sensor, uses a camera to detect temperature changes and can be worn on a person’s finger.

It can be used to measure the temperature in an enclosed space or a food bag, and can even be used for testing.

Merrick said the new thermo-sensor will be able to track food temperature, as well as its temperature with the help of an accelerometer.

“As an industry leader, we’re pleased to be a member of the Food Safety Innovation Fund, which supports technology that will help us continue to improve the safety of food,” said Merrick CEO and President Chris R. Meeks in a release.