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Read moreThe company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of PetSmart, but the same family of brands has continued to dominate the pet food industry.

PetSmart has more than 2,500 stores across the U.S. and Canada, and more than 400 pet foods are sold each day.

PetSmart has been a big beneficiary of the surging popularity of pet food since the food was first introduced in 2006.

The food has been named by Fortune magazine as one of the top 10 brands to buy.

According to the company, pet food sales are expected to continue to grow as the industry adjusts to the new pet food regulations. is also a subsidiary of CVS Health, which was acquired by CVS in 2013 for $7.3 billion.CVS and PetSmart are the largest pet food companies in the U, and they have an incredibly lucrative relationship.

The two companies have had an almost identical share price, but CVS shares were trading at about $20 a share in 2015 before the acquisition, and Petfood shares have increased over the last decade, reaching $1.50 by 2017.

Crosley’s has had a significant share price jump as well.

The company’s shares have more than tripled since its 2011 IPO, reaching a high of more than $1,400 in 2015.

In the last year, the stock has fallen by more than 50% and its price has more recently dropped by more then 50%.

The acquisition of Crosley is part of a broader move by CRS to grow its pet food business.

In November, the company announced it was acquiring two pet food brands, PetSmart and Crock-Pot, for $8 billion.

The purchase of Petfood also means that the company has acquired PetSmart’s pet food and the two brands are now officially separate businesses.

According to a company press release, Petfood will be owned by PetSmart but CRS will be operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

CRS has about 3,500 PetSmart stores in the United States and Canada.