Hank’s Pet Food is a family owned business that specializes in pet food for both dogs and cats.

It was founded in 1991 by brothers and their wife, Mary.

In 2005, Hank’s started selling koha, a pet food with a unique and high-protein formula made from soybeans and peas.

It’s sold in pet stores around the world, including the UK and the United States.

“The koha formula is the only way to feed the kohlrabi fish we love to eat,” Hank said.

“It is so nutritious and is very high-quality, so we want to share the formula with the world.”

This past summer, Hank and Mary began creating a new formula that is 100% made from koha and includes a blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

This new formula includes all the essential ingredients for a healthy, happy kohlbai.

“Kohlrab is a fish with high protein and high fiber.

So, we are really trying to balance those things out,” Hank explained.

“I think that’s the main goal of our new formula.”

The new koha is also a bit lighter than the koha we have used in the past.

“We used to have kohlribas that were really heavy,” Hank added.

“Now we are using the lighter koha.”

In addition to making the new formula, Hank said he is also creating new varieties of koha to suit different diets.

“Our kohbab is going to be slightly different than what we had in the old koha,” Hank continued.

“And we are going to have more varieties of it, because we want it to be different for different people.”

To see the new kohoha in action, check out the video below.

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Happy Holidays!

You’re going to want to make this holiday a little special.

There are some incredible foods to celebrate and make for your favorite family.

“There’s something for everyone, and we’re really excited to bring these wonderful ingredients into the holiday season,” Hank says.

“This new koa pet food is so good, it makes a great addition to any dish.”