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How to get your pet to eat a mound of petco pets

Petco is launching a new product that’s been around since the 1980s: the petco mounds.The product is called Petco Pet Food.It’s a pet food with a mound, the exact same shape as the pet food it’s supposed to replace, Petco says.And while it’s marketed as a replacement for petco dog food, the product has a […]

How to make your pet food safe for kakatos

Recode is hosting a Q&A with the lead scientist of the World Health Organization’s Global Burden of Disease study, which found kakata food poses the highest risk of the three most common infections.The panelist, Dr. Taryn Tarnopolsky, also spoke with Recode about her work, how to make kakatos more sustainable, and how to find out […]

How to buy a wholehearted petfood brand

How do you decide if a petfood is wholehearted?It’s easy.Just ask the owner!As the name suggests, Wholehearted is made from whole grains and other ingredients like honey, wheat and rice, and the company sells a variety of whole foods in the U.S. and internationally.Wholehearted Pet Foods, founded by Katie and Scott Brown, is a pet […]

How to make your own vegan pet food

The process of cooking a vegan pet’s food is very simple, but the ingredients and the way they’re made can differ depending on what type of vegan you are.Pet food manufacturers are increasingly turning to the use of a plant-based source of protein and fats for their recipes, with some making it as simple as […]

The best pet food to feed your little ones

Pet food is a huge issue in this country, but what about your little one?We spoke to pet food experts to find out what is the best food for your little guy.Read more: The BBC’s food and feed expert, Nick Furlong, said: “I think pet food companies need to recognise the fact that they are […]

When Halo Pet Food Came Out of the Shadows

In the summer of 2010, pet food company Halo Foods decided to go the whole hog, bringing its Halo brand to the pet food world.Halo pet foods launched the first Halo line of pet food products in the U.S. in May, and now the company has expanded into the pet-food industry in other countries, including […]

How to make dog food better for your dog

The Basics: You can use your dog’s food to make your own dog food.The main ingredients are all organic and are all natural.The only things that are added are preservatives and artificial coloring.The best part about this recipe is that you don’t have to buy all the ingredients, you can just make your food and […]