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How to Feed Your Chinchilla Puppy

Now that your chinchilla pup is a kitten, the next thing to do is get your dog a new pet food.While you might have read about the benefits of pet food before, what you might not know is the fact that it is not just the pet food that has to be changed, but the […]

When to eat cornucopias?

A few years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration warned that people with allergies could be at risk of contracting Encephalitis.But when I got to the store, the shelves were full of cornucops.In fact, this is the only product on the shelf: a tiny green cornucopus called Cornucopia Pet Food.It comes in a cardboard […]

How to get the best pet food for your pet

Pet food companies often give away free food at their pet food giveaways.But the companies don’t always give the exact food you’ll get.Here are the guidelines:Pet food companies have to offer the exact same type of food you get at pet food stores, and they have to give away the exact amount of food for […]

Why I won’t feed my dog a new chew toy

It’s a question you’ll hear often, whether it’s from the veterinarian, your vet, your pet parent, or someone you know.“I don’t want to feed my puppy a new toy,” your vet will tell you.“He won’t be able to chew it.He won’t even have a toy.It’s not healthy.”And even if it was, wouldn’t the toy be […]

How to stop pet food additives

What to look for in pet food ingredients: pet food is made up of a mixture of ingredients that are processed and packaged to help keep it fresh.When you buy pet food from a pet food company, you should always be able to tell the difference between a brand name brand, and what you’re actually […]