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Holistic petfoods: Can Holistic Pet Food do more?

Pet food companies are struggling to compete with the rising popularity of holistic foods.Can Holistically Pet Food offer a more cost-effective alternative?Read More , and in the wake of recent news stories about people losing weight while taking holistic food, there’s a growing movement of people who have lost weight while eating organic food.The problem […]

When You Wish You Had a Pet Food Business

Lucky pet food websites have been flooded with the message that the price of their products is dropping and they have been receiving calls from customers saying they have never seen such a huge drop in their prices.It’s a trend they believe is happening because pet food prices are going down, and people are asking […]

How to make your dog a happy home

How to create a pet food you love: It can be daunting to find pet food that’s right for your dog.And it’s even more daunting to know what to look for.Let’s explore what’s out there, what’s on the market, and what to expect from your new pet.1.How does the food industry classify pet food?The most […]

Pet Food Giveaway – Free Food, Bags, & More!

The giveaway is open for a limited time and only valid for U.S. residents.The giveaway begins at 10:00am PT on Monday, September 23, 2018 and ends at 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, September 27, 2018.This is a Giveaway of a Limited Time.Winners will be selected in a random drawing from all eligible entries received.The winner will […]

Why the ‘Pet Food Calculator’ works

In the United States, pet food makers and processors have long been able to sell pet food and related products that contain a number of allergens and chemicals.The FDA recently approved a number, but it is not clear how many, of those products are currently being sold in the United Kingdom.While the company behind the […]