A pet food company is asking for $1.9 billion in public funds to rebuild its factories and to help expand the supply chain of its products.

Cabela’s said it needs to invest $2 billion to help repair and reopen plants and equipment at its U.S. plant, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The company said it expects to invest an additional $1 billion in the U.K., Canada, Germany and Japan.

The San Francisco-based company said Monday that it plans to add 700 new jobs to build its U, California, plant and build its Mexico, Canada and Ireland facilities.

The plant was built in 1999, when the U, Calif.-based company was a separate business unit of the parent company, Cabela-Samaritan.

The company said that the U., California plant, which has about 300 employees, is now fully operational, and the company is hiring about 700 people.

Cablevision, which also employs roughly 500 people, also said it will hire 600 people and expand its operations to Mexico.

Cabelas, meanwhile, said it is expanding its operations in China, where it already has more than 3,000 jobs.

The U.F.O. said Monday it is looking for private financing to help it continue to operate the plant and to expand its production capacity.

Coca-ColaCo said in a statement that it would invest $1 million to restore the plant to full capacity, expand production capacity and hire 200 more workers.