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The Best Pet Food Pantry in Florida – Farmina Pet Foods

The Best pet food in Florida is out of reach.Farminas pet food supplier is currently under investigation for selling tainted pet food and mislabeling the products.The pet food recall affects over 100,000 customers across Florida and Florida Gulf Coast states, including Miami, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Pensacola and Orlando.The problem is a mix of high-grade animal feed, […]

How to buy a cheap pet diet

How to get the cheapest pet food in the market.How to use the cheapest cat food in town.What are the best cheap pet foods?All these and more covered in this guide.1.Pet Food Depot How to Get the Most out of Pet Food Depots article Pet food retailers like Pet Food Stores, Petland and PetSmart have […]

Why you should never give your dog flea medicine

Why you shouldn’t give your pet flea medication.You might be tempted to think that flea medications are a good thing.But in reality, they’re often a way for pet owners to keep their pets on a good diet and prevent them from developing infections.The truth is that fleas can cause serious problems in pets and can […]

How to save money on pet bird feed

Pet bird food is not always affordable, and the more you feed your pet, the more expensive it will become.That’s where the pet bird supply company Pet Food Supply comes in.With Pet Food Supplies, you can buy a bird feed for as little as $2.99 and get it delivered to your home or office for […]

Chinchilla dog food says it’s ‘safe’ to feed to dogs

Pet food companies say they are “confident” that Chinchillas are safe to feed and feed to pets, despite concerns about the food being laced with pesticides and other contaminants.The Chinchillas are the first dog food to be named in the Guinness Book of World Records, after the Chinchahans were discovered in New Zealand’s Marlborough mountains, […]