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The best pet food for your dog

By Dan Sussman, writerThe Peta Pet Food Comparison gives you a complete overview of the brands, ingredients and pet foods that are used in the best pet foods.If you’re a pet owner, the Peta Food Comparison is an essential resource for learning what your pet needs to be fed.To help you compare and shop […]

When is the best time to buy pet food?

According to Consumer Reports, the pet food industry has a good track record of improving its product performance and pricing in the last few years.As a result, the industry is poised to continue its solid growth for the foreseeable future.However, a recent survey by Consumer Reports reveals that the petfood industry has not been able […]

When is Ollie Pet Food OK to eat for dogs?

The best pet food for dogs is based on the quality of ingredients and the way they’re used.A good food will provide a variety of benefits, but there are some pet food products that don’t have to be as expensive to purchase.Here are some of the best pet foods for dogs.1.Ollies Pet Food, LLC Ollied […]

How to get your pet food from the farm

A new pet food product called Max Pet Food is set to launch from the pet food giants Verus Pet Food in Australia and New Zealand on September 3rd.This is the first time Max Pet is offering pet food made from their farm.The new Max Pet will offer the best of both worlds: The natural […]

Hank’s pet food has a new look

Hank’s Pet Food is a family owned business that specializes in pet food for both dogs and cats.It was founded in 1991 by brothers and their wife, Mary.In 2005, Hank’s started selling koha, a pet food with a unique and high-protein formula made from soybeans and peas.It’s sold in pet stores around the world, including […]

How to save pet food from toxic pesticides

If you’re a farmer, you’ve probably heard about the toxic pesticides, which are now being phased out. But what are they and how can you protect yourself? The answer to this question depends on the type of pet food you’re feeding.If you’re fed a raw material called feedstock, such as wheat or barley, the pesticides will be […]