Month: November 2021

What’s in the Pet Food Guide?

source Bleachers Report title The Pet Food Guides article source New York Times title ‘Famous’ is the word for ‘popular’: Here are the most-cited Pet Food articles article Pet food labels are a crucial part of the food supply chain, providing nutritional information, health warnings, and even health recommendations.Pet food brands have to meet certain […]

How to make your own homemade pet food

A new and innovative pet food company is now selling freshpetpet food in the United States, according to an article by Mashable.A new company called Petland is now the largest pet food maker in the country.The company, which launched in January, has already shipped to more than 50 states.They offer a variety of different pet […]

Can you help make the best homemade pet food?

How much money does pet food make?It’s a question that’s been asked a lot lately, especially since some of us can no longer afford the $200-plus price tag for the biggest brands.How much do pet food makers make?That’s up to us, and the Pet Food Council, a nonprofit group that advocates for responsible pet food […]

How to buy pet food from the internet

Pet food manufacturers, pet food manufacturers and pet food retailers are facing a wave of new competition from online pet food companies.Here’s what you need to know about online pet foods and how to find the best ones.1.Where do online pet supplies come from?Online pet supplies tend to be cheaper than the retail pet food […]

What you need to know about inspiration pet food

I think a lot of people think of inspiration pet foods as the ultimate source of healthy food for your furry friend.I’m not sure that’s the case. I think it’s really important to get your pet’s body right, healthy, and happy, and I think there are some really amazing ingredients in inspiration petfood that are great […]