Month: August 2021

China to ban ‘farminas’ brand of pet food

Chinese authorities have banned farminas pet food from the country, with the ban set to take effect from October 1.The ban on Farminas Pet Food will be the first of its kind, with all products sold in China currently banned from the world’s largest pet food market.“As of today, we will no longer sell Farmina […]

How to avoid being a pet food junkie

Pet food makers are using the lure of pet food marketing to lure people into buying their products, and it has got a lot of people in the UK and beyond confused.Pet food companies have used the lure to encourage people to buy their products and then claim they are pet-friendly.The most common use is […]

Pet food suppliers are raising concerns over rising costs

PETA’s chief executive officer, Annie Laurie Gaylor, said Tuesday that she is concerned that some pet food companies are making up the costs of raising their prices with new products.“It’s a really scary situation,” she said.“I think that pet food retailers and pet food wholesalers have a lot of confidence in the food they sell.They […]

How to Give Away Your Chinchilla’s Pet Food

The Chinchillas pet food giveaway is still going strong, and has been for the last few years, with a number of pet owners participating.This past Saturday, March 3rd, Kasco Pet Foods in California hosted the pet food “Food Giveaway,” where you could win your favorite pet food items, such as chinchilla chow, chinchillas chow powder, […]

When to use a pet food allergy test

Are you concerned about the potential for a pet allergy to your pet’s food?Are you sick of hearing the term pet food because you don’t know what it means?If so, the good news is that pet food is an incredibly safe and effective way to reduce your pet over-stimulation and stress levels.There are a few […]

Why you should never give your dog flea medicine

Why you shouldn’t give your pet flea medication.You might be tempted to think that flea medications are a good thing.But in reality, they’re often a way for pet owners to keep their pets on a good diet and prevent them from developing infections.The truth is that fleas can cause serious problems in pets and can […]

How to save money on pet bird feed

Pet bird food is not always affordable, and the more you feed your pet, the more expensive it will become.That’s where the pet bird supply company Pet Food Supply comes in.With Pet Food Supplies, you can buy a bird feed for as little as $2.99 and get it delivered to your home or office for […]