Month: July 2021

How to Feed Your Chinchilla Puppy

Now that your chinchilla pup is a kitten, the next thing to do is get your dog a new pet food.While you might have read about the benefits of pet food before, what you might not know is the fact that it is not just the pet food that has to be changed, but the […]

How to Find Pet Food with Chewy Pet Chocolate

Chewy pet food is a delicious treat and a great source of protein.There are several brands, such as Chewy Chocolate Pet Food, Chewy Snack, and Chewy Chunky Pet Food that offer delicious pet food with chocolate chip treats.You can also find chocolate chip flavored pet food.Chewy chocolate chips are typically flavored with cocoa powder and […]

How much of your food is safe for your dog?

When your pet food manufacturer sends you a package of pet food you are promised to “give a taste test” to ensure it is “just right for your pet”.But can a “just-right” test be a test of quality?If your dog is being fed the wrong food, or you have found your dog to be overfed, […]

What you need to know about pet food

Pet food manufacturers and retailers are scrambling to cope with the unprecedented demand for pet food in Israel.The country’s leading pet food makers, the largest of which is PetCo, announced it is reducing its supply by a third, bringing the total number of pet food producers and distributors to just 20.This is just the beginning.The […]

The best pet food for your dog

By Dan Sussman, writerThe Peta Pet Food Comparison gives you a complete overview of the brands, ingredients and pet foods that are used in the best pet foods.If you’re a pet owner, the Peta Food Comparison is an essential resource for learning what your pet needs to be fed.To help you compare and shop […]